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TAG Heuer Watch Shopping Mall Kiosk Bespoke Made Stainless Steel Tempered Glass with CE certification

Items: TAG Heuer Watch Shopping Mall Kiosk 5.15x3.5m

NOTE: desktop display units and tables need to buy seperately. color & finish can be customized as your brands.

Main materials:
Base: fire rated plywood/ MDF + black paint & brushed stainless steel feet/ decoration;

Glass cover: tempered + grantry profile LED lighting/ cabinet stand spotlight for glass cover;

Shelf: LED strips + diffuser or spotlighting;

Lightbox: fabric image + LED Strips + Mean well transformer (please send HD image file for printing);

Desktop: white paint;

Storage: white painting or laminate with mini SS strips + lock;

skirting: brushed stainless steel.

Package: plywood all sides with Pallet Feet.