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MLC201 3W Recessed LED Cabinet Downlight Adajustable for Jewelry Retail Shop Display


Eye LED Cabinet Downlight has been a favourite with retail jewellers due to it's small diameter, degree of adjustment and ease of installation.


1、3W Mini LED Downlight, LED Cabinet light, It adopts high brightness, low decay;

2、Warm White single colors are available. It has energy-saving, environment protection, long lifespan, anti-shock and anti-vibration features

3、It  is safe, no fliker, no IR or UV, and not harmful for human body.

4、There is radiator outside the lamp body which has a good heat dissipation function.

5、There are fixed mounting holes at the bottom which enable a simple installation.

6、Applicable places: Wine cabinet, cabinet, the corridor, atmosphere build,  entertainment shopping mall, office building, exhibition hall and the courtyard landscape, lighting project planning, etc

7、Dimensions(mm): Φ48*30mm