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Soft Lightbox Ceiling Lightbox Fabric Lightbox—Single


Item Specifcs

  • Brand Name: M2
  • Place of Original: Guangdong, China
  • Model: MLB001
  • Application: shop counters/ reception wall/ shop front,Indoor

Product Features

  1. Convenient installation: Fixed whit screws;
  2. With constant current LED light, brightness uniformity, hightlight, low fever;
  3. No mercury, environment friendly, energy saving;
  4. Prints on the soft membrane, colorful image;
  5. Thickness:8-10mm;
  6. There are white, warm light for LED, RGB, changable white, More colors you can customized;
  7. Led light boxes are for INDOOR USED;
  8. Call for any Custom size, Largest size is 3 * 6 m;