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3000-6500K color temperature, adjustable LED light bar - Constand Current Energy Efficience Powerful Uniformity Light Project Lighting

Epistar SMD LED Strips Lighting is mainly used in shop counters & wall bays, especially Jewelry, watch, cosmetic luxury retail shops. Those LED Strips must be power lighting, but reduce heating, so it is normally installed with alluminum channel & PCB to release heating. If it is installed under the shelf, there will be a transparent formed plastic to cover the LED chip so that client can not see the LED chip lighting dot.
  1. Epistar SMD, powerful lighting, perfect choice for jewelry & watch shop lighting.
  2. Rigid Aluminum PCB, improve heating release & LED bead life span.
  3. Energy saving and environmental protection, long life (normal use of up to 8 ~ 10 million hours)
  4. With constant pressure DC12V driver, safe and reliable
  5. 2 years warranty.