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Channel Letters Over View

 High End Channel Letters According to Your Brands

M2 design, manufacture, install various channel letters wordwide.
Product time is 5 working days, delivery time is 3 ~ 5 days, which can meet your Grand Opening day.

Illumination: Face Lit | Reverse/ Hole |Side Lit | Outline/ Dot Lit
Face: Resin | Acrylic | Formed Plastic | Metal
Return: Stainless Steel | Aluminum | Iron | Acrylic
Metal: Brushed/ Polished | Ion plating | Galvanic plating | Paint Baking
LED Color: Single Color | Various Colors | Chasing Colors

Materials & Craft

 | Face - Resin

Resin Face Channel Letters: Rimless Frame, gleaming like a pearl with flexible colors to match your brands.
various colors based on client' s Pamtone/ RAL color.
good transmission, fast curing.

Normal Styles

Round Resin Channel Letters: Full & gleaming resin face, like a pearl. Glossy finish normally.

Flat Resin Channel Letters: flat & rimless, simple and generous.

Special Styles

Black-White Resin Channel Letters: It is black at day, and powful white illuminated at night.

Inside UV Printing Resin Channel Letters: the color is UV Printed at the bottom, so surface is colorful & smoothly.

Surface Silk Screen Resin Channel Letters: Beautiful Silk Screen grain on the surface, smooth line & edge.

Surface Paint & Baking Resin Channel Letters: firm image, suggest to big area colors. It can also glue an acrylic for large letters.

| Face- Acrylic

Brand: Donchamp (ShangHai)

Chinese Brands, optional brands like Shenmei & Evonik.

Thickness: 3 ~ 20 mm according to letters sizes.

Face lit acrylic is 3 ~ 5 mm to have a powful lighting

Reverse lit acrylic is 10 ~ 20 mm to have enough power.

Return - Metal

There are 3 kinds of metal return materials, stainless steel, Alluminum & iron. Return is 3.5 cm ~ 4 cm thick normally. It can also customized by your requirements.

Iron return is much cheaper, but corrosion resistance is not as good as stainless steel. And it is mainly used in interiror letters in paint & baking craft.

Alluminum is antioxidant and much lighter than iron & stainless steel, but it is not solid as stainless steel, and anodized colors can not be very accurate.

Stainless steel is much stronger, flexible and widely used, it is normally 1mm thick alloy 304 style (#304 C). Finish is very luxury, and welcomed by brands.

1. Stainless Steel - finish & colors

Finish: Polished (mirror) / Brushed.

Polished: It is the original stainless steel finish, just like a mirror and is easy to have finger print. It is suggest to add anti-finger lacquer for touchable letters.

Brushed: also called dull polished, normally in unidirectional satin finish and has a matt feeling.



Original stainless steel colors can not statisfied the big market, so more and more colors are available.

Pure metal color

--- Ion plating craft: a metal color film deposition on the stainless steel surface in intense heat space.

Gold, red, champagne colors, together with colors similar to brass, bronze, Titanium, nickel, etc.

The color is much pure. if you need antique finish, it needs handmade craft to make it, suggest Galvanic plating.

cheap antique metal colors

Un-pure metal color (craft cost is two times than ion plating)

--- Galvanic plating craft: chemical or auto-catalytic plating in normal temperature, the color is mixed into the stainless steel, so color is durable. But it is not friendly to enviroment.

mixed colors, antique feel.

Painting Colors

Cartier insist stainless steel in red painting because they need the brushed finish.

If your signage is interior and do not insist brushed finish, it is suggested iron return because the surface is nearly the same and cost effective.

2. Alluminum

It is very light & cost effective, second choice for return. Color craft is anodized & painting, but can not be very accurate to the sample colors.

3. Iron

It only have power coating & painting craft, glossy or matt finish. Good Choice for big and interior channel letters.

| Illumination - LED Moudle

Brand: Chinese Brand Blueview

LED Model: Rigid LED Moulder, SMD 3528/ 5050

LED Life: >50,000 hrs.

Average lifetime without Any Errors: >80,000 hrs.

Light Color: RGB,

Color Temperature: 3000 k – 7000 k
Power Source: AC110 ~ 240V.

Operating Power: DC 12V

Waterproof: IP65

Working Temperature: -20℃ ~ 60℃
Warranty: 2 years.

Certification: UL Listed, CE & Rosh Certificated, FCC, etc.

Note: anti-water hardware is added at the back panel.



| Accessories - Power Supply

Brand: Tai Wan Mean Well

Wattage & voltage are based on the signage lighting & destination country.

Interior Signage: normal style, not waterproof;

Outdoor Signage: waterproof style.

Quality Standard


Fine Craft 
If installation height is under 3m, it will be fine craft. Perfect in 360° & details.

eg. small-medium channel letter (10 ~ 40 cm ) at the Till Counters, Wall Image, Shopping Mall Shop Front, etc.

Normal Craft 
If installation height is above 3m, it is suggested normal craft. Cost will be cheaper, and the joint is nearly invisible after installed in such height. 
eg. Large signage on the external building (50 cm ~ 120 cm).

Please choose fine craft for install height is under 3m, or there is 1 m welding edge visible at side !

 The Difference between Fine Craft & Normal Craft: joint line. 


Please check the visibility chart to decide your logo sizes.

*Letter Visibility Chart
This letter visibility chart is based upon information  provided by Pennsylvania Transportation Institute, Penn State University and the United States Sign Council (USSC). 

Viewing Distance Minimum Required Letter Height
3048 cm 10 cm
7620 cm 25 cm
10975 cm(city block) 40 cm
15, 240 cm 56 cm
22,860 cm 85 cm
30,480 cm 110 cm
40,235 cm (1/4 mile) 145 cm


Calculations based on an externally (or naturally) lit sign with all upper case Helvetica letters utilizing optimal negative space. Factors that may affect required letter size are: color scheme, font selection, traffic and weather conditions, or sign standoff. Please refer to the complete study for additional information. For further details contact the USSC at 1-215-785-1922.

Cost Calculation

One or both Length < 100 cm, Channel Letter Lenth Calculation

eg. '2' in the photo above, L1=130cm, L3=80cm, 2 cost = 130cm x unit price

eg. 'D' in the photo above, L4=55cm, L5=70cm, D cost = 70cm x unit price

both Length > 100 cm, Channel Letter Length Calculation

eg. 'M' in the photo above, L1=130cm, L2=110cm, M cost = 1.1 x 1.3 x unit price (contact us for quotation)


If one letter length > 70 cm (eg. 'M' & '2'), please contact us with logo file. Thanks !