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$50 OFF your 1st order when over $800 USD!!!
$50 OFF your 1st order when over $800 USD!!!
Store Display Cabinet/Kiosk - M2 Retail

Store Display Cabinet/Kiosk

You get your own store project team in China finally!

M2 Retail, based in Shenzhen, China, the world’s factory, focus on Aisa & UK market for more than 5 years, with hundreds of works around all over the world, so we can offer the real one stop to Aisa & UK  store, from store design, mall’ s approval, whole store built & management, online reporting, delivery, including Aisa & UK warehouse, installation & maintains to ensure a smooth and managed process. You can hand off from the store opening trivia, with M2 Retail’ s bespoke display fixtures, lighting, signage, poster, props, chairs, floor, uniform, shopping bags, etc. So, you have much more time to increase your store sales, and we can open more stores for you. Let’ s grows together!

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