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USA New Jersey warehouse is available!
USA New Jersey warehouse is available!

The Contribution of Visual merchandising to retail brand strategy

Visual merchandising contributes to a brand's personality and the characteristics associated with the brand. The design of the store should reflect this as part of their retail brand strategy. This includes the in-store environment and brand communications used, such as signage and images displayed in-store.These visual elements play a part in building a retail brand and therefore they help a brand differentiate itself from its competitors, create brand loyalty, and allows for a brand to place premium pricing on their products. Part of the brand strategy used in visual merchandising is research into the brand's target market to find out what their customers’ values and self-images are. This information can allow the retailer to cater the design of a store and their advertising to match their consumers.


Today's case sharing:SONY electrical store

Nakajima counter in a Sony store

Display table of Sony store

Display table of Sony store

Wall trough cabinet in a Sony store

Sony Store Promotion Area

Sony Store

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