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NIEUWSTAD OPTIEK Eyewear Shop Design Shaped Structure - M2 Retail

NIEUWSTAD OPTIEK Eyewear Shop Design Shaped Structure

To open a eyewear retail store. Nice and practical store display fixtures are necessary. However, a nice arranged eyewear store design is far more important. As a professional display fixtures manufacturer in China. M2 Retail has experienced design team to provide you a  unique and easy shopping store design for your retail store. Whatever retail stores are, Customer experience is always a priority. So, appropriate display cabinet, display table, Retail counter inside the shop will create a unique but high-level store.

Wood high-end optical shop

Today, I will introduce you to the design of a high-end optical shop.


  • Products: eyewear

  • Size: 17X9.1m

  • Market: Holland

  • Main Materials: PE Paint, Oak veneer, glass, LED, etc.

Optical shop wall cabinet

optical shop Column Display

Optical shop wall cabinet

The design of the NIEUWSTAD OPTIEK eyewear store gives a bright impression, the overall is very high-end gorgeous. The display cabinet has LED Strips. Do you like this design? M2 limited has a variety of LED eyewear lights, you can choose to achieve the desired effect.

Optical store cash counter

Optical store reception area

Optical store reception area

NIEUWSTAD OPTIEK shop photo is very beautiful, if you like the eyewear shop design, please contact me, I will tell you the detailed address, if you have time, you can have a look.

Optical store photo collection

The following is the actual production chart, we will send you the product progress chart faithfully according to your product progress, you can learn the detailed information in the first time.

Wooden structure of display cabinet of optical shop in factory

Wooden structure of window of optical shop

The effect of power on display in the window of optical shop

Round island cabinet

Round island cabinet

Column Display

Optical shop wall cabinet

Optical store reception wall

If you want to open your own eyewear shop and look for ideas for eyewear display. M2 Retail is your best partner, contact our team, you will get satisfactory service.

Contact Information

  • Name: Vicki
  • WhatsApp & Phone: 008618124030145
  • Email:
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