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Hand Wash Station with Sink for Retail Shop or Mall Kiosk - M2 Retail

Hand Wash Station with Sink for Retail Shop or Mall Kiosk

When referring to sinks, wash station, retail owners' minds often come that it must be difficult and expensive to install, especially when your retail stores or retail kiosk are located in a shopping centers not offering water system. What' s more, you can not simply buy a standard hand wash station which is not good to brand your products, especially the beauty mall kiosk.

I already answered this question so many times, so it is time to share it in our blog. My Dear, please rest assured, M2 Display already made this system so many times with nice and affordable cost, please rest assured to add this convenient device.


First is the most simple sink, just with drainage water system in the cabinets. You just pay extra sink cost $80 USD.

You can prepare a nice bottle with clear water on the desktop, and used water can enter the sink directly and conveniently.

If there is no floor drainage offered by mall centers, it needs one bucket inside the cabinets. When used water is full enough, you have to clean up it in time.

Pink vanity cabinet with hand basin

Second is the sink with in and out water system. It is bespoke for display cabinets, so cost will be a little higher, $100 USD.

It needs two bucket inside the sink cabinets, one for clean water and one for used water.

It is most common used water system for mall kiosk display cabinets.

Internal structure of the sink cabinet

See the cabinet below, it is the completed one. Usually the sink cabinet is suggested made by corian desktop to anti-water and also nice finish.

Install the hand basin and test the function of the hand basin

Last one is based on the second water system cabinet, with warm water function added. And extra cost is the CE certificated water heater, cost is over $200 USD.

Actually this is the premium service hand wash cabinet, total extra cost is just around $400 USD. Isn' t the bespoke hand wash cabinet very affordable and easy enough for retail shops or mall kiosk ?

Electric heating faucet

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