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Contact to Get US$50 OFF for New clients' 1st order over US$800

GUCCI Eyewear Pop up Design with Round Ceiling

High street shopping needs to be more fun, more interactive and more engaging than ever before, to compete against the commodity big-box retailers and the web.So in this case, the design of kiosk is extremely important.Whenever we hear Gucci, we subconsciously think of luxury products.But today I want to show you a design of Gucci eyewear kiosk design.

Brand: GUCCI



Main color:Yellow

Main Materials:PE painting , tempered glass,stainless , Acrylic , LED, ect.

First of all, the store's color is yellow, but it is not close to golden yellow.They use this color to reduce the sense of luxury and make it more close to the people.This is a very good practice for an optician.

But their cabinets retain the luxury and high-end style, and you might even wonder if the glasses shown above are eyewear.

Their logos and advertisements are as always publicized and prominent.

Looking after this amazing design.So are you going to have a amazing kiosk design?Please contact me.

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