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Shipping policy


All orders in stock will be scheduled for shipment in 1 to 3 business days, excluding holidays. No stock orders needs 7 ~ 15 days (small items or qty less than 3 sets) or 25~30 days  (the whole store project) to make, please contact for accurate time.



We send our products by air/ truck/ sea. Air transfer takes 3~10 days to arrive, Sea transfer takes 1~3 weeks to Southeast Asia; 3~6 weeks to West Asia/ Oceania; 5~7 weeks to EU/ America/ Africa. Accurate time show by check out or contact us with city & zip. These shipping time may vary at different times of the year.

Once your order has been processed for shipment, you will receive an automated shipping notification with tracking number about one day later. The real time tracking info will be available on the link sent by email. 



We offer FREE curbside delivery to door for most Australia area & southeast countries with tax covered; Main Africa countries local warehouse with tax covered; EU/ USA/ CA/ WEST Asia/ New Zealand is free shipping to Port only (to door freight is listed in checkout page after address filled). Or contact us with products & address. 



Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska of USA and Northern territory, Western Australia of Australia (accept to pick up from our warehouse directly).



All of M2 Retails parcel are covered with insurance. Only 2 steps to make sure you can get composition successfully & quickly if any damages.

Triple Check 

Never sign the Bill of Lading before checking. Take a close look of wood package and inspect all details and take pictures of the wood package especially if any damages. Then open wood package from top (unscrew easily by tool)– there could be concealed damages inside.

Write notes on the Bill of Lading

If any damages, please take a pictures or video and write notes of damages and shortages on the Bill of Lading and contact M2 Retail within 24 H. M2 team will submit the Insurance claims and make it right. More details, please check our Refund Policy.

Don’t be intimidated by the driver, who can claim they’re in a hurry for the next route – you have a right to record all details necessary. It is $1000~$8000 worthy package.

Please follow it carefully in order to apply insurance successfully. If clients can not check the goods before signing with damage pictures proof, it is difficult for insurance company to tell damages are cuased during delivery by truck company or unsuitable moving in or unpackaging by client' s side. M2 will share 50% of responsiblity if issues reflected within 7 days after goods signed. If over 7 days, Client will be responsible for all. Highly suggest to check & sign the parcels under the CCTV cemara as proof. 



Larger items have their own delivery process. Here’s a list of steps for this kind of shipment:

1) Your order gets picked up from the warehouse. We'll send you a shipping confirmation email to let you know your order is on its way.

2) Your order is shipped to a local delivery agent. A carrier transports your order to a delivery professional in your area.

3) You schedule a delivery appointment. When the local delivery agent has your order, they will contact you to schedule a delivery date and set a time window.

4) Enjoy your new item! Enjoy your new item! Check the conditions and packaging of your order (see PACKAGE RECEIPT above). As always, feel free to contact us for any additional help! 


If goods are stocked in USA or AU warehouse, goods will be delivered to your address directly after order confirmed and call you in advance. If you are not available to receive goods or can not arrange unloading, it will be returned back to warehouse which will cause extra cost paid from your side ($150~$350USD accordingly), M2 Retail will inform you around 3~7 days before arrival. 
So please inform us in advance if you wanna delay the delivery. 
If you wanna specify the arrival date, we can try to control 1 or 2 days close to it, but not promise. You may try to call the local logistic to negotiate. 

If goods are delivered from China by sea, goods will be delivered to port warehouse and must be delivered to your address or be picked up within 1~3 days. We will inform you one week before arrival, please prepare to receive the goods or pick up date. 
Note:  It is 3 days free storage for USA port warehouse, then $8 USD/set each day if exceed the free storage period. AU port warehouse is only 1 day storage and $200 AUD each day if exceed the free storage period. 
M2 Retail will try to control the risk and contact you in time, please keep in touch by phone or email with us after goods loaded. When the warehouse fee is over the goods cost, it will be regarded as abandoned goods automatically. 


A delivery truck will arrive outside of your store/ office within the scheduled four-hour window. Please note that you will have to unload the item(s) from the truck and move it into your store/ office. 

There is paid unloading to ground service for most Australia area, USD$65. Suggest to buy in checkout or contact M2 Retail to add before delivery. 

USA area is a little special, most drivers will unload the item to ground if size is less than 2m/6.5ft. If over 2m/6.5ft, client needs to help the unloading to ground or pay up to $600 to hire special truck with forklift service. 


If move in & unpackage service needed, please negotiate with the local logistic and pay them directly. Because it is charged so difference accordingly, like shopfront is not allowed truck to enter, not in 1st floor & without lift, etc. Hope you can understand it. Please note normally there is only one driver to delivery all the goods, and it needs 2~4 people to carry our reception desk and display cabinets. so you have to arrange some men for the move in. 

Shipping - Unique Deliveries

If your address is in an high rise, metro area or have a unique delivery space that requires specific attention or a Certificate of Insurance (COI), for assistance please contact



The shipping address is free modification before goods is picked up by truck company. If after goods is loaded by local truck company, there will be US$100 modification fee together with other address fee similar to truck freight, normally US$200~$US400. M2 retail will also double confirm the address before delivery. 


Normally M2 Retail only needs address, contact & phone for delivery. If goods are from China to your address directly, it may needs some information or document for your local customs clearance. It needs copy of your pastport/ ID for personal consignee or copy of Business license for company consignee for Australia (with ABN. NO.), UK (VAT NO.), Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia. If not offered in time, goods can not be shipped in time from China. You can also send to our logistics directly by email. 

Below is the example copy of Business license for Australia. 


Please contact M2 to book the date before you go, or you will fail to pick up the goods. After dates booked, M2 Retail will offer a Pickup Authorization file for you to pick up the goods successfully. Please send us consignee name, phone number & pick-up date to apply for the file. 

Pick up time
USA California warehouse: 9am-10am & 11pm-3pm Monday to Friday, not including holiday. 
USA New Jersey warehouse: 9am-4pm Monday to Friday, not including holiday. 
Australian Melbourne warehouse: 10:00-12:00, 2:30-4:30 Monday to Friday, not including holiday. 

The following documents are required before you pick it up:
1. Identity documents such as ID card or driver's license;
2. Pickup Authorization file (printed).

Here is the attention when you pick up in the warehouse
1.Must call the warehouse before you go and tell them your pickup
2. Must check the outer packaging when picking up the goods,if there's any problem, must indicate it on the receipt and take a
photo to prove it.
3.Please do not stay in the warehouse for a long time and reduce contact with the staff in this special time (COVID-19).
4. The warehouse only arranges delivery and help load goods to van and does not answer any questions about products/after-sales/payment.

 Melbourne Warehouse guide


Shipping times are estimated and not guaranteed - delays may happen due to weather, shipping carrier or customs delays, inventory shortages, or other events that we have no control over.

We'll always do everything we can to make sure your order gets to you as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about shipping, please give us a call at +86-0755-23769864 or email us