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Phone Retail Shop/ Mall Kiosk

M2 Retail, based in Shenzhen, China, focus on phone retailers for 5 years + with 100 works + around UK, African & Asia.

To be M2 clients, you will be our partners and just hand off from the store opening trivia, M2 Retail support your store design, mall’ s approval, whole store built & management, online reporting, delivery including warehouse, installation & maintains to ensure a smooth and managed process.  What' s more, the phone solution also includes bespoke display fixtures, lighting, signage, poster, props, chairs, floor, uniform, shopping bags, etc.

If it is your first phone accessories store, suggest Remax Loft style. top cost effective and quick because they are standard made in big qty, less than 30% cost & & time of the customized project, but quality and finish is also very good. Please note it is disassembled packed. 

If you are Apple or HUAWEI distributors or just like their design, suggest Apple style or HUAWEI style

All the 3 solutions above are China standard made, wood structure is not fire rated and lighting & wires are China 3C certificated. If your phone store are located at shopping malls which require materials to be local standard, please choose our customized phone store solution

Check more customized phone store or mall kiosk work, or Contact us to find the best solution for your phone stores. 

Phone Retail Shop Design

Phone Mall Kiosk Design

Lighting Design
Lighting is very important for Phone display, which has the ability to truly transform an environment, and different lighting can result in different moods. Phone retail owners require all display with powerful lighting. And enegy saving is also very important. Don' t you wanna bright lighting to attract more customers coming? And you must be afraid lighting flashing or not working. M2 know them well, so all of our lighting is special for commercial display, low heating releasing (meaning longer life) after 12 hours work, and easy to change if any not work, What' s more, there are repair parts, like extra LED strips or transformer which can replace the parts not work immediently.

You may also needs items below, have a look.

Warranty & Maintance
All products are under a 180 day warranty, with transformers having a 1-year warranty. What' s more, our goods are all covered with insurance during delivery, no matter by air or by sea.
Nearly all of our customized products are installed in the factory, you just put them together and plug & socket connected, that' s all. Please check our installation policy. What' s more, there is a box with spare parts like LED trips, transformer which can be used for emergency repair.
you may wanna know how to change the LED poster image, is it easy to change the LED if not workable, we need high quality key for our phone display counter, etc. Below are our answer.

  • How to change the LED poster image

  • LED Strips Repair Introduction

  • Transformer Repair Introduction