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Valid All Year Round:Wire Transfer for 5.8% Discount!
Valid All Year Round:Wire Transfer for 5.8% Discount!

Eyewear Retail Shop/ Mall Kiosk

If you plan to open a eyewear retail shop, eyewear shop in shop, or eyewear kiosk at shopping center and import all the retail fixture from China, then look no further. M2 focus on small-medium retail brand, service including design, make, delivery and installation (UK), with worldwide works in Westfield, intu Metrocentre, Dubai Dalma, etc. And our works are not limited to Eyewear display counters, also including Eyewear desktop display units, ceiling lighting ,shop front signage, chair, no matter bespoke or standard ones.

Budget & Time
Below are some representive Eyewear Retail Shop/ Eyewear Mall Kiosk design for your reference.
You may wanna know a rough budget and time before you decide to import all the Eyewear display fixture from China or locally. Contact our sales or check the link by yourself. If you already have shop sizes or layout, our team can make a layout solution according to your favoriate style, then you can get the more accurate cost of display fixtures.
What' s more, if your time is tight and wanna open your Eyewear store quickly, please check our classical Eyewear work. Some are in stock with nice cost.

Design Policy
When you are satisfied with our shop solution and service, then we can go next step, store design. Good design work is not just about nice look, but also find your problem and sove them, like display, AD, storage function, anti-theft, easy repair and maintance, etc.
Normally, design cost is from $300 to $1000 USD which will be cut in goods cost when over $10, 000 for first order. Designer will make a full drawing according to shopping center' s requirements after 3D drawingis confirmed, like layout, 3D with sizes details and material list, together with electronic plan and related materials safty certification, like fire rated, CE/ FCC/ UL listed, etc. M2 will try our best to support you to get mall' s approval, no matter in lease contract or inspection before opening day. What's more, further improvement for next work.

Eyewear Retail Shop Design

Eyewear Mall Kiosk Design

Lighting Design
Lighting is very important for Eyewear display, which has the ability to truly transform an environment, and different lighting can result in different moods. Eyewear retail owners always require for powerful lighting, and our lighting engineer understand your inner demand, not most brightness, but most suitable, a more accurate color rendering of your products, comfortable for your customers, and energy saving. That' s the real value of good retail shop lighting. Same for the rest display fixtures, all is served to improve your sales profit. 

You may also needs items below, have a look.

Warranty & Maintance
All products are under a 180 day warranty, with transformers & wires having a 1-year warranty. What' s more, our goods are all covered with insurance during delivery, no matter by air or by sea.
Nearly all of our products are installed in the factory, you just put them together and plug & socket connected, that' s all. Please check our installation policy.
Regarding to Eyewear retail shop/ mall kiosk, you may wanna know how to change the LED poster image, is it easy to change the LED if not workable, etc. Below are our answer.

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