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Things Must Be Included in Your Beauty Salon Reception Area Ideas

The unforgettable customer service experience you provide for your clients should consider every little aspect. Your clients will feel glad to be in your salon if the reception area is well-designed, which may increase their loyalty towards your brand. So, by combining high-quality services with a welcoming environment and a stunning reception area, you'll have all the ingredients for a successful salon business. Implementing the right salon reception area ideas in your company will certainly upgrade your business to a new level. At times, despite their best efforts, salon reception designs don't produce the desired results.

Do You Make These Mistakes When Designing the Reception Counter?

One error many salons commit when it comes to salon reception area ideas is to focus entirely on the workspace, such as the styling units, chairs, and waiting area. Of course, each of these components is essential to the reception counter design of your salon. Still, frequently, the reception area and the reception counter desk are overlooked when designing a layout. It is frequently left out to make room for an additional wash basin, more comfortable style chairs, or more cabinet storage. One shouldn't skimp on the salon reception area, where the first impression a client makes when they walk in could determine how they feel about moving forward.

Furthermore, salons without an open floor plan should be cautious about putting a beauty salon reception desk that is too large because it can make the area appear disorganized and cluttered. Make sure the reception furniture is the right size; if it's too big or too little, it may disrupt the overall working dynamic. Now, let’s look at some of the popular salon reception area ideas we’ve listed for you.

1. Entertainment

Successful salons are active places, and clients are aware that they might need to wait for a while. A good salon reception area idea would be to ensure you have technology on the go. You might even consider mounting a TV behind the reception desk of your salon, but at the very least, you'll need to have some periodicals and music on hand. You might consider bringing along some toys or electronic games to keep young children entertained.

2. Retail Products

You'll want to have at least your top-selling retail items at the salon reception; this is another great salon reception area idea for your business. Don't let customers wait while you look for stock in the back, as this will harm their experience. Keeping your products accessible and visible is a straightforward sales strategy. It facilitates upselling by your team and shows clients—and perhaps onlookers—what is available at your salon.

3. Professional Receptionist

Out of all the salon reception area ideas, let's not forget the receptionist, who is an essential component of any salon’s reception counter desk. One of a salon's best assets is a welcoming, personable receptionist who is eager to answer any of the questions clients have. More than merely effective communication, interpersonal skills also include how an individual responds to criticism and collaborates with others. Make sure the person you choose to work with is kind and skilled at active listening. If you want someone to accomplish their work correctly and effectively, they must be organized.

4. Compatible Reception Counter
Last but not least salon reception area idea would be to focus on the reception counter desk. It is highly important to get a high-quality and compatible reception counter desk and the right furniture proportion according to the area. You should also consider your desk's ergonomics to ensure your receptionist is at ease and productive. Make sure that the reception desk follows the theme of your salon.

Two Reception Design Solutions That Will Never Go Wrong

Now it’s time to realize these stunning salon reception area ideas with suitable solutions. Considering different needs, we, M2 Retail, list two reception design solutions that can be applied to any beauty salon.

1. Custom Reception Counter Solution

The principal line of work for M2 Retail's design service is high-end customized retail projects. You can choose from the selections given on our website for a reception counter or just email us a picture with the necessary size and material specifications. We will manufacture them in whatever material you desire. Our designs include various high-end materials such as marble stone, timber and stainless steel.

2. UPGRADED Morandi Reeded Reception Desk

Another recommendable reception solution is the upgraded Morandi Reeded Reception Desk, which comes in an elegant and modern design with a premier finish and round timber decoration. It is customized in any color and sought after by beauty salon retailers and designers. This is your ideal option if you are looking for a fancy reception desk that blows your clients away.

The salon reception is the customer's first and last physical interaction with your business. Making it a pleasurable experience for them is worth the effort. If you use our salon reception area ideas listed above, your salon reception will soon be the subject of compliments. Whether the marble reception desk, custom reception desk, luxury reception desk, or other reception solutions, M2 Retail can always satisfy your needs.

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