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Luxury Jewellery Retail Display Units Manufacture - M2 Retail

Luxury Jewellery Retail Display Units Manufacture

It is a Russian Client' s Jewellery retail shop. There is over one million USD each year for their Jewellery retail shops worldwide, like Finland, Russian, Cambodia etc. 

With this client' s Jewelry experience, our factory has much more experience in Jewelry retail shop project from Measurement shop sizes, production, shipping, installation service, after service. 

There are many jewels hanging on the wall cabinets in the jewelry store

From the design, you gonna see large scale of Gold or matt black stainless steel display cabinets and nice gem. 

Jewelry shop interior decoration design

The black SS made middle floor jewelry display units are very cool. 

Many round jewelry display cabinets

What' s more, we also made many round Gold display counter for the Jewelry shop. 

Square display cabinet

Jewelry hanging on the wall and glass window

Below are latest irregular shaped Jewelry display table, still not finished yet. The nice finished work will be shown next time. 

Irregular shape jewelry display table

Irregular shape jewelry display table side

Silver stainless steel oval cash register front and back

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