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salon reception design

Apply Top 7 Beauty and Salon Reception Design Ideas to Impress Your Clients

When clients walk into the store, what appears in their eyes first is your reception area. The reception area conveys an important message to your clients, showing the brand of your beauty and salon store. Since the reception area works not just for the reception but on behalf of the image of your store, you should spend time designing your store. If you have no idea how to get started, here we list the top 7 beauty and salon reception design ideas that help your store leave a good impression on your clients.



Top 7 Reception Design Ideas for Beauty and Salon Stores

  1. Determine the Style of Reception Areas

The first salon reception design idea is to define the style you want. It can be minimalistic, classic, baroque, Mediterranean, or modern reception design, depending on what messages you want to convey to your clients. Since the reception area should be client-oriented, it’s highly recommended that some investigation should be done to cater to the taste of clients.


salon reception design
  1. Select Appropriate Color Solutions to Show Your Brand

Next, you should choose the color scheme for the salon reception design. If you have no clue about it, neutral colors are always the ideal selection, including white, gray, ivory, and beige tones, which works for virtually any type of business and are easy to match your furniture. Or, if you want something eye-catching, you can apply bright hues to the reception area, among which yellow is a good option that always relates to brightness, joyfulness, and happiness.


salon reception design
  1. Show Your Products and Services

If you can properly apply salon reception design ideas to your beauty and salon store, it works efficiently beyond your imagination. For beauty and salon stores, good products and services are always what clients pursue, which can be shown with the help of a specific corner with some displaying products. In this way, clients can know more about your products and services. Also, if you can display some new products for clients to try out, they will be satisfied even though they have to bear the waiting experience in the reception area.


salon reception design
  1. Pay Attention to the Role of Lightning

The role of lightning should be included in the salon reception design as it can convey different feelings to clients. For example, natural light makes people feel peaceful and serene. Also, it makes your reception area looks bigger than it is. If you want to convey the high-end value of your beauty and salon store, it’s advisable to use elegant lighting to decorate your reception area.

salon reception design
  1. Place Decorations for a Better Visual Experience

Elegant decorative pieces can elevate your beauty and salon store and, more importantly, bring a better visual experience to your clients. For instance, some art pieces hung on the reception area wall give an artistic air to your store. However, there is a rule that you should remember- less is more. Too many decorations can be counterproductive and only give a messy impression to clients.


salon reception design
  1. Create the Desired Vibe with Sound and Music

With or without music makes a big difference in your reception area. Playing soft music helps relieve people’s anxiety and anger while waiting in the reception area. That especially works for clients who come to your beauty salon for the first time, helping them feel at ease.


  1. Choose the Right Reception Furniture

Finally, it’s important to mention the furniture that is necessary for salon reception design. You should take into account the style of your beauty and salon store when purchasing furniture for the reception area. Also, what furniture to purchase is another consideration. Buying a set of furniture that applies to your reception area is highly recommended, saving time and energy in choosing.


salon reception design

The One-Stop Reception Solution for Reference

Applying these salon reception designs for your beauty and salon store is difficult, but don’t worry. You can find a one-stop reception solution from M2 Retail. Here’s the solution for your beauty and salon store, which applies the abovementioned reception design ideas and has been successfully applied to many beauty and salon stores. Three solutions are available: luxury, basic luxury, and basic. No matter what style you want, you can find one solution compatible with your beauty and salon reception design.


salon reception design


M2 Retail is a professional supplier of salon reception design solutions. Choose us as your partner, and we can offer one-stop salon reception design solutions that leave a good impression on your clients.

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