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What are Needed before Design?

Below are information needed for both mall kiosk/ shop in shop and retail shops.

1. Your main products, like phone accessories, cosmetics, Jewelry, etc.

2. Send us your logo file in AI or CDR format. If not available, M2 can design for free.
Any special requirements, like AD screen, repair work table, makeup station, seating area, massage bed, lot of storage, etc.

3. Your favorite styles if available.
If not availble, our sales will offer design styles for initial ideas.

Retail Shops
1. layout with sizes
Please offer sizes of each wall, including heights (especially when height is less than 2.5m)
Please mark the shop front, security area (metion if need to be open), window, door, etc.
Electric console location and tell us electronic wires will run from floor or ceiling.
After design confirmed and before production, we will send our layout drawing for you to double check all the sizes, especially with cabinets located.

2. shop pictures/ video
Please show us shop front and all inside details, especially corners, windows, doors, security, etc.


Mall Kiosk/ Shop in Shop
1. Sizes confirmed from shopping center, like 3x5m or 10x12ft.
If Mall Kiosk/ Shop in Shop is not located in central, please tell us, like close to any wall, pillar or escalator.

2. shopping mall' s design guidelines file, requirements for counter sizes, materials, signage, flooring, structure, lighting, security, etc.
Please confirm with shopping mall if Mall Kiosk/ Shop in Shop ceiling is allowed. Ceiling decoration & lighting can help your sales much.
So M2 can offer the suitable Mall Kiosk/ Shop in Shop design which can be approved by mall quickly.