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The best way to go from Hongkong Airport to Shenzhen ? - M2 Retail

The best way to go from Hongkong Airport to Shenzhen ?

Many clients asked how to go from Kongkong to Shenzhen, and every time I will ask them some questions and explain optional solutions, taxi, bus, ferry, or metra, cost and time, advantage and shortcoming, balalala.... again and again.

So I have to write this blog which is good for both of us :) :) :)

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First, the common situation that clients just fly to Hongkong airport and forward to Shenzhen and Guangzhou, but no plan to visit anywhere of kongkong. Suggestion is Ferry, bus or taxi (MPV).

  • If you are alone with simple luggage, Ferry is suggested, just 30 minutes and $30 USD from Hongkong airport to Shenzhen Shekou port, no traffic issues and simple customs clearance. 
    *** You can even board from Shenzhen shekou port and go to Hongkong airport directly when you go back home, with HK$120 Departure tax refund. 
    Below is the ferry schedule, please note that the last line is 21:45 pm.

Shenzhen (Shekou) Ferry Schedule to and from Hong Kong Airport (Haitian Wharf)

  • Bus is also a good option, just time is a little longer, as long as there are not too much luggage. 
    There are direct line from Hongkong air port to Shenzhen Airport, Huanggang port, Shenzhenwan Port, Shenzhen North Station. Please tell us your Shenzhen hotel address so that we can suggest the destination. 
    It takes 1 ~2 hours by bus, but it needs extra 30m ~ 60m to pass the customs clearance. Cost is around $30 USD. 

  • If you go with 2 or more people with many luggage, taxi is suggested, usually it is Toyota MPV Elgrand, 7 seats, big space, very comfortable, and nice service. 
    It is the most convenient and expensive option. But when there are 3 people, it is worthy.
    Usually it takes 40m from Kongkong airport to HK-SZ Customs and half an hour to pass the customs clearance. If weekends, it is much longer. 
    Cost is around $120 USD from Hongkong airport to your downtown hotel. If not downtown like Futian, luohu or nanshan district, cost will be at least $50 USD higher. 
    You can book the MVP taxi by agent, M2 usually use Sunny' s service, her cellphone and wechat account is 008613424255830. My clients are satisfied with her drivers very much and her price is market and nice. 
    If you have Chinese friends, then just book from Didi App (also called Uber). 

A white car

If you have plan in Kongkong, then just ask your hotel lobby people which is the best way to Shenzhen, they have printed files for you.

Sometimes metra is a good option. Below is the Hongkong and Shenzhen metro map. Click or save to get high definition picture.

Hong Kong metro map

Shenzhen subway Map

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