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The best way to go from Guangzhou to Shenzhen - M2 Retail

The best way to go from Guangzhou to Shenzhen

When our clients come to Shenzhen, they probably will go to Guangzhou. So Guangzhou and Shenzhen is also a hot traffic line asked. It is very convenient compared with how to go from Hongkong airport to Shenzhen.


First is the most common way, by bullet train (also called Guangshen Railway or Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway).

It is usually from Shenzhen station (also called Luohu station, close to Luohu port) to Guangzhou station or Guangzhou East Station.

It takes 80m ~ 90m, second class is 79.5 RMB and first class is 99.5 RMB (suggested). each line every 5 minutes.

You can take taxi to from station to hotel.


*** Some clients reflected that the taxi drivers will not take them into the station, but drop off nearby. It is, because it takes long time to enter the station. You can suggest to drop off near the ShangriLa Hotel, where there is a underground passage to go to the station.

China Railways High-speed(Harmony)

Second is by Railway High-speed, some clients may be not familiar to it. But it is much quicker.

It takes around 40m from Shenzhen North Station/ Futian Station to Guangzhou South Station.

Cost is 74.5 RMB second class, 99.5 first class (suggested), 199.5 Business class from Shenzhen North Station. If from Futian Station, cost will be a little higher, like 8 RMB.

each line is every 10~20 minutes.

China Railways High-speed(Harmony)

Third is by taxi, you can ask the hotel  or M2 to book it .

Usually it takes around 2 hours. If traffic is not good, more than 3 hours. Cost is around 400 ~ 500 RMB.

If you go with 2 people with many luggage, suggested it.

Yellow taxi car

Last, it is by bus. Not very suggested if you do not go with any Chinese people.

You must read or listen to Chinese, or it is very easy for you to miss the bus. :) Not joking.

It takes around 2 ~ 3 hours and around 60 RMB.


If you still do not know how to go, call M2 display.

We can arrange your schedule in China and offer 1 ~ 2 days free translator service to go with you in the market.

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