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Shenzhen Shuibei Gold Jewelry Mall Kiosk Collection

China Jewlery is in Shenzhen, and Shenzhen Jewlery is in Shuibei. If you do not believe it, come and M2 can take you around :)

There are so many Jewlery market together new building for Jewlelry market, no matter for gold, silver, gem or jewellery accessories. 

Here are some Jewelry mall kiosk collected from the market. 

Gold bear jewelry kiosk

First one is matte black and Brass finish Jewellery mall kiosk with ceiling. Lighting are very important for Jewelry. I was so attractive by this jewelry kiosk, awesome work and design from 360 degree. 

Look at the column support, sexy glass round display units for featuring Jewelry products. 

Gold bear jewelry kiosk

There are luxury resin face lit stainless steel letters are at sides. It is suggested that kiosk brand can be visible from all sides so clients can find you easier. 

The glass floor display counters are wide used style, but premier finish which is more easier to accept by clients. 

Gold bear jewelry kiosk ceiling

Look at the ceiling from top and bottom, it is a watch core machine prop which means high end craft and craftsman spirit. 

The Gold bear jewelry kiosk is in the middle of the three stores

Jewelry mall kiosk usually does not display so many products as cosmetics or phone. So there are more space for design and image. This white paint Jewelry mall kiosk is flexible in shape and featured by the giraffe . 

The green giraffe props is with display cube in its body. Gold stainless steel is widely used in Jewelry display units, same to this design. 

The floor display counter is also featured design, slightly curved corner with gold profile feet to support. 

Jewelry kiosk with pot decoration

Next is the white and gold Jewelry mall kiosk with many arched door shapes decoration. 

A jewelry kiosk named

Its floor glass display counter is one side curved glass cover which is nice but not cheap craft. 

A jewelry kiosk named

Actually, I do not like so much featured mall kiosk design. The feature is not easy to accept by all, especially too much featured point. This is also the reason classical design is most widely used, same to black and white. 

But it is also so boring if nothing featured at all. So 1 ~ 2 featured points for one mall kiosk, like the design below, the Gold pole wave wall decoration which can attract clients easily. 

DAZZLING GEM jewelry kiosk

What do you think if the pole is not flat but slope with lighting? 

DAZZLING GEM jewelry kiosk

Last jewllery mall kiosk is featured for its long and curved shape. If you also prefer long display counter, it is suggested display plinth front is timer style, just not flat and continuous because section is inevitable because of production and delivery.  

IRIS Jewelry Kiosk with Ceiling

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