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USA New Jersey warehouse is available!
USA New Jersey warehouse is available!
Featured Watch Mall Kiosk Design - M2 Retail

Featured Watch Mall Kiosk Design

Counter design plays an important role in the perception of the overall kiosk quality.It establishes the framework for displays and element that comes into the closest contact with the customers.Counters are the “store front” for the kiosk.Encourage to combine multiple display methods into an organized and balanced counter.

So today I wanna to show your an beautiful watch kiosk consisting of the stunning counters :

Wood grain watch kiosk

Through our superb processing technology, they have a beautiful shaped structure.Finally, our designers planed their positions.A successful watch kiosk design was came out.


Watch display cabinet

Wood grain watch kiosk

These display counters let the kiosk keep a ‘Natural style’.

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