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USA New Jersey warehouse is available!
USA New Jersey warehouse is available!
Dior Backstage Studio on the Concourse Floor of Suria KLCC - M2 Retail

Dior Backstage Studio on the Concourse Floor of Suria KLCC



Type: Makeup Kiosk


Address: on the Concourse Floor of Suria KLCC

Opening Time: 26-Apr-2016


At Dior Backstage Studio, fans of the brand can find almost everything that they need from Dior skincare, fragrance and makeup. What sets this outlet apart is the studio-like ambience that gives Dior customers the backstage feel of Dior shows. At Dior Backstage Studio, not only are you able to find an array of your favourite makeup products, but you can even get your makeup done by a professionally trained makeup-artist.



At Dior Backstage Studio you can choose between these three services:

Flash makeup – Get a quick makeover that will only take minutes of your time. Perfect for those rushing from work to go on a date after!

Total makeover – The total makeover menu takes a little more time but will give you a complete personalised look.

Makeup coaching – If you’re looking to learn about the techniques used by experts at Dior, sign up for this one because there are lessons and consultations that will teach you the ropes!

Besides giving customers the ultimate makeup service, they can also find Dior’s skincare and fragrance range. If you’re looking to get a gift for loved ones, Dior Backstage Studio also provides gift-wrapping services for its customers.


Contact Information

  • Name: Vicki
  • WhatsApp & Phone: 008618124030145
  • Email:


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