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MLC210 Gantry profile luminaries Column lighting bar LED Cabinet Display Spotlight Post Lamp for Jewelry Shop Counters


LED Gantry profile luminaries Column lighting bar  LED Cabinet Display Spotlight is carefully constructed into a high quality contemporary luminaire. The LEDs are aligned vertically to ensure that the spotlights are as unobtrusive as possible within your showcase so that your products are illuminated to their full potential without obstructions.

This Cabinet Display Spotlight is a high quality aluminium anodised finishes with a selection of three different colours of white LEDs to suit every showcase display.

12V DC use SMD5050   24V DC use SMD3030


1、LED cabinet light   LED Shop Counter Light, It adopts high brightness, low decay;

2、Warm White single colors are available. It has energy-saving, environment protection, long lifespan, anti-shock and anti-vibration features

3、It  is safe, no fliker, no IR or UV, and not harmful for human body.

4、There is radiator outside the lamp body which has a good heat dissipation function.

5、There are fixed mounting holes at the bottom which enable a simple installation.