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Jewellery LED Lighting Over View

Customized Spotlights According to Your Brands
LED Spotlights, is a light-emitting diode product which is assembled into a lamp or light bulb for use in lighting fixture (indoor & outdoor). M2 spotlights focus on indoor lighting for shopping mall & Brands, and they are mainly used in the shop counters, ceiling and decoration, all can be CE/ROHS/FCC/UL Listed to satisfy the strict requirements in luxury shopping mall.


Ceiling Spotlights
Ceiling Spotlights are mainly recessed halogen spotlights, LED track spotlights for retail shops & shopping malls with various styles. And the LED Chips can be Osram, Cree, Epstar with optional wattage & color temperature.
 Square LED downlight...  high power led luminaire...  Concave Square COB Light...  9W COB ceiling light...


Cabinets Spotlights
Cabinet Spotlights are mainly for Jewelry & Watch Shop Counters. It is usually installed at the 4 corners-bottom, lighting focus on the Jewelry & watch instead of top Channel LED Strips. Common White color has optional color temperature, warm, neutral, cold.
MLC259 LED Standing Sp... MLC257 LED Standing Sp... MLC255 LED Standing Sp... MLC254 LED Standing Sp...


Track Light
LED Track light COB c... LED Track light COB c... LED Track light COB c... LED Track light COB c...


LED strip light
LED Strips Tape Variable Color Temperature is made by FPC Flexible PCB as a substrate, can change color temperature (warm white to cool white) and brightness with remote controller. Optional UL Listed LED Strips, and CE certificate LED Strips
3000-6500K color tempera... 3000-6500K color tempera...