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USA New Jersey warehouse is available!
USA New Jersey warehouse is available!
Phone Store Fixtures - M2 Retail

Phone Store Fixtures

M2 Retail, based in Shenzhen, China, focus on phone retailers for 5 years + with 100 works + around UK, African & Asia.

To be M2 clients, you will be our partners and just hand off from the store opening trivia, M2 Retail support your store design, mall’ s approval, whole store built & management, online reporting, delivery including warehouse, installation & maintains to ensure a smooth and managed process.  What' s more, the phone solution also includes bespoke display fixtures, lighting, signage, poster, props, chairs, floor, uniform, shopping bags, etc.

Below are our mature phone works, APPLE, HUAWEI and Remax (phone accessories)are nearly ready made line, materials are ready in warehouse which can be made in 1~2 weeks and cost is only 30% ~ 50% of our customized line, contact with optional sizes/ colors. If you can not find the right styles, please visit our pinterest for more styles to customize. 


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