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White LAKA Nail Mall Kiosk Design - M2 Retail

White LAKA Nail Mall Kiosk Design

With the change of people’s aesthetics, both men and women value their own image very much. They are very good at dressing themselves up, often go shopping, and find items suitable for themselves. In the eyes of many people, making themselves beautiful is a thing Very happy things, confident in wherever you go. Nowadays, while paying attention to dressing, there are still many people who have the habit of manicure. They will change nails of different styles every three to five. However, for merchants, good nail beauty kiosk design is also very important.

Brand: LAKA

Product: Nail beauty

Size: 5x3m

Market: USA

Design time: 3-5 working day

Mall approval time: 2-4 weeks

Production time: around 25 days

Shipping by boat around 30 days depends on port.

Main Materials: Fire rated plywood in PE Paint, Corian, tempered glass, Acrylic, cushion, LED, etc.

Payment: 50% deposit before production; 50% balance before shipping.

So normally for whole project you need prepare at least two month.

Manicure is a contemporary trend, and many girls want a beautiful manicure. Nail art is an attitude. Whether at work or in life, reaching out to a pair of clean, delicate, and tender hands represents your quality of life and your personal taste.

In general, manicure makes a noble and elegant beauty of women. Nail art is not only to make our hand looks beautiful but also we can’t see the dirt if there is dirt on the nails. Many women need to do housework, especially for housewife. there may be dirty nails after they finish the housework.  If they have to do nail salon, and there is a beautiful nail patterns on their nails. Then we can not find any dirty.

The following is the production photos of our factory for your reference.

Do you like LAKA nail beauty kiosk design? we will provide you with the best design and service, please contact Vicki, we can communicate more details through Email/WhatsApp.

Contact Information

  • Name: Vicki
  • WhatsApp & Phone: 008618124030145
  • Email:
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