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Valid All Year Round:Wire Transfer for 5.8% Discount!
Luxury Round Watch Shop Design - M2 Retail

Luxury Round Watch Shop Design

As a direct supplier we mainly work on the design and customized different types of watch kiosk, watch display counter, watch repair deck and more. in this article what I wanna introduce is a very popular watch store design.

Today let me show you a interested watch shop design to you:

wall mounted cabinet and meeting table with watch display function

As you see the whole store mainly tone is white, match a little golden, brown wood grain floor.  

Various wall mounted cabinet in the watch store

It can for selling a watch, watch accessories, jewelry, also provide phone repair service.

the whole store is not very bigger, but very exquisite and tidy.

watch shop

In the middle of this store is an“U” shape table, for put the watch. And there is a light box with logo next to it.

White ring showcase

You will notice the watch shop selling with many spotlight and decoration light, very bright and attractive.

Cash counter in a jewelry store

If you’re interested to start your own watch store,  also can check more details on our store fixtures design.       

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