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LUX BIJOUX Jewelry Mall Kiosk Design - M2 Retail

LUX BIJOUX Jewelry Mall Kiosk Design

Open a jewelry kiosk in mall are very good business ideas today. With the improvement of human living standards, more and more people will enjoy life.The purchasing power of female consumers is increasing. They will buy their favorite jewelry as their decorations. Jewelry industry is a capital intensive industry, which needs a lot of capital.As the growth of the industry is increasingly recognized by the society, the financing ability of jewelry enterprises is also constantly enhanced.

Today I wanna to introduce a new Jewelry kiosk to you:

LUX BIJOUX Jewelry Kiosk

Minimalist style is now more and more popular, the main tone of this jewelry kiosk is gray, with Ultra Clear Glass.Also it has a good anti-theft system.It is a standard kiosk that can meet the requirements of various shopping malls.

LUX BIJOUX Jewelry Kiosk

If you are interested in this jewelry design or you want to have your own design.Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Contact Information

  • Name: Peter
  • WhatsApp & Phone: 008618126054993
  • Email:
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