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USA New Jersey warehouse is available!
USA New Jersey warehouse is available!
Jewelry store design - Orange Cube - Westfield Southland VIC - M2 Retail

Jewelry store design - Orange Cube - Westfield Southland VIC


Jewelry store Interior Design by Studio Grayscale - Orange Cube - Westfield Southland VIC


In 2020, located inside Westfield Southland, Orange Cube opened their first Australian store. An international brand, with stores already within China, our original brief from Orange Cube was to create a high-end store suitable for their exclusive and creative jewellery & handbags delicately made. This design of the store was to blend the design & aesthetics of their China-designed stores with a concept of store design that would fit the local Australian market.

Together with the punchy brand colour, the finishes throughout the room, from the terrazzo floor to beige & white colour tones, are all consciously balanced to create an interior that invites and appeals to the target customers of Orange Cube.

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Interior Design by


Window display cabinet-right

Window display cabinet-left

Store Signboard Logo

Oval wall display cabinet

Necklace jewelry display stand

Black painted metal frame showcase

Jewelry store cash register display

Jewelry store showcase

Jewelry store design



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