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The importance of lighting ,Tools and Fashion trends

Lighting is another technique, which can be used to enhance window displays. Lighting can be used to highlight certain products, and create dimension and set the mood for the window display. It is a successful tool as it can not only be used to highlight product during the day, but at night also. The brightness and colours of lighting can be adjusted to suit the mood of the display. Once again, different colours trigger different emotions and therefore create different moods.

Window displays can be used to set trends; therefore, window display designers must always be one step ahead of trends and predict future fashion movements. The merchandise must be able to direct these trends to the target audience, and be able to communicate them in a way so the audience is able to understand. Clothing must be styled on mannequins appropriately with popular clothing to draw consumer attention to the store.

A floor map helps visual merchandisers to find the best place for garments, according to the color stories of clothes and footwear in the shop.It is a kind of floor plan with merchandise marked. Another valuable tool is a planogram, to determine the visual look of your store's flow.

Source: Wikipedia


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