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Black Friday Warm-Ups: M2 Retail Helps Realize Retail Display Idea at a Discounted Price

Black Friday Warm-Ups: M2 Retail Helps Realize Retail Display Idea at a Discounted Price

Black Friday kicks off the holiday season for people, offers a chance for a shopping spree, and is a profitable time for retailers. In 2021, sales during Black Friday reached $8.9 billion (57.9 billion yuan), according to Adobe Analytics. As Black Friday is around the corner this year, retailers should grasp the opportunity and make preparations in advance, such as designing effective discount tactics, getting the customer support team ready, and starting purchasing preparations early. For example, retailers should apply the innovative retail display idea to their stores and purchase enough retail furniture to greet their consumers on Black Friday.

Black Friday Promotion M2 Retail


Black Friday Warm-ups of Store Display Solutions
Visual merchandising is one of the most useful tactics that retailers can use on Black Friday. To be more specific, retailers should pay attention to the display in retail stores, which is labeled as the first contact between the store and the customer. 83 % of purchasing behavior is based on eyesight, emphasizing the importance of the right in-store display ideas. For this reason, retailers should apply appropriate shop display ideas on Black Friday.

We know how important Black Friday and the right interior retail store design are for retailers, so we will begin Black Friday warm-ups as early as November 1. During the Black Friday warm-ups, retailers can enjoy unprecedented discounts on retail display ideas from M2 Retail. This is a boon to retailers who want to purchase retail store furniture for Black Friday preparation. Without further ado, let’s get to know the discount retail display idea solutions provided by us.

1. Discount Front Reception Desk For Sale ( From November 1 To November 14)
When consumers enter a store, the first sight they see is the reception desk. Thus, reception area ideas are an indispensable part of retail display ideas. To attract consumers' attention, selecting the right reception desk is recommended. And we offer a discount on the reception desk for retailers. Clients purchasing the reception desk during the Black Friday warm-ups, no matter which one, can enjoy a 5% discount. Also, they can receive a holiday gift of $100. But this rule does not apply to buying goods on special offers.


beauty reception design idea Black Friday Promotion

2. Package Promotion ( From November 1 to November 14)
We also set some packages included in the discount activity. Clients purchasing the package mentioned below can enjoy a price-break discount and get a holiday present with a value of $100. Here is the price-break discount and applicable packages.

①Price-Break Discount
● A 50-dollar discount for every 800 dollars
● A 120-dollar discount for every 1600 dollars
● A 250-dollar discount for every 3200 dollars
● A 500-dollar discount for every 6400 dollars
● A 1000-dollar discount for every 12800 dollars
● A 2000-dollar discount for every 25600 dollars

②Applicable Packages
● Reception desk in stock+LED channel letter
● Custom reception desk +LED channel letter /crystal chandelier/table and chair
● Custom reception desk+LED channel letter +crystal chandelier/LED channel letter+ table and chair
● Custom reception desk +LED channel letter+ crystal chandelier + table and chair

3. Discount for Customized Retail Display Ideas ( From November 1 to November 14)
Using customized display furniture for retail stores adds an eye-catching appeal to spas, salons, or other retail stores. This special tactic attracts more consumers to the retail store during Black Friday. Given some needs for customized solutions, we include three types of customized solutions in the discount activity, including customized reception desk, customized display cabinet, and customized reception desk+customized display cabinet.

Here is the discount on the three customized retail display idea solutions:
● Design fee is 50% off.
● Clients choosing regular customized solutions can enjoy a 5% discount.
● A holiday gift is given to clients at $100.

4. Social Media Campaign (From November 1 to December 31)
Apart from the three abovementioned discounts, we also provide social media activity. If Clients leave a comment, post a photo, and mention the official account of M2 Retail on any social media, including Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, they can receive a coupon. The coupon can help them reduce $60 when the retail display idea solution costs $800.


black friday promotion

M2 Retail: A Trustworthy Partner to Help Boost Your Business on Black Friday
Specialized in display store fixtures for 7 years, M2 Retail has cooperated with many retailers globally and helped them boost their business on Black Friday. For more discounts and reception design idea solutions, please contact us. Our team will respond to your needs as soon as possible and offer professional suggestions to you.
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