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BEAUTY&BROW nail kiosk design

High street shopping needs to be more fun, more interactive and more engaging than ever before, to compete against the commodity big-box retailers and the web.So in this case, the design of kiosk is extremely important.Today I want to show your a luxurious Nail/ Manicure Express Bar Design.


Product:Nail/ Manicure Express Bar


Main color:gold&black

Main Materials:PE painting , tempered glass,stainless , Acrylic , LED, ect.

It uses black and gold color tones to make the entire kiosk look noble and luxurious.

Its height is also designed to be just right, which not only guarantees the privacy of customers but also meets the standards of the mall.

Of course, those charming lights are also one of the design priorities. He makes the entire kiosk look like a palace.

So would like to start your own kiosk design?If you are interested in it,please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact Information

  • Name: Peter
  • WhatsApp & Phone: 008618126054993
  • Email:
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