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Valid All Year Round:Wire Transfer for 5.8% Discount!

How much to build a Jewelry Shop from China?

I asked my UK client ‘where is your local factory? Can you show me and have a look? ‘. He answers, ‘it’ s in China.’ It’ s a joke, but it’s also true. China is nearly the world’ s factory now, same for Jewelry retail display market. Thanks for China’ s thousands of small-medium supply chain, it can produce various jewelry display works in very effective cost.
When you plan to import jewelry retail display from China at the first time, the questions are how to import and how much, no matter it is your first shop or one of the many or lots. Let’ s focus on How much this time.

    M2 divides Jewelry shops as 2 types

    independent store, especially those monobrand stores.
    They are mainly dedicated to their own products with independent space, which can be located in shopping mall, or roadsides.

    Shop in shop, or pop-up stores/ shopping mall kiosk.
    They are very similar in layout. Shop in shop is a brand owner or retailer takes space in another retailer’s store and fits it out to provide selling space dedicated to that secondary company’s products. Pop-up store, ie. Display kiosk inside shopping malls, sometimes outdoor.

    So how much to build an independent Jewellery store from China?

    It mainly includes

    Jewelry retail owners mainly care the 3D drawing, around $500 ~ $1000 USD if shop size is under 100 sq. meters, which takes around 1 ~2 weeks to complete the initial design.
    If you are very clear to know what cabinets needed, M2 retail can offer free layout drawing to support.
    If you need very high end design work, it is suggested to find professional design company, usually 10 ~ 20 times of this cost. M2 retail can help to find.

    Around $10,000 ~ $20,000 for wood materials style, around $15,000 ~ $30,000 for metal materials style, when shop size is under 100 sq. meters. It takes around 25 days to complete, for urgent order, it is 15 days the quickest, but not suggested in order to control quality.
    For example, below is a wood paint with Gold stainless steel & tempered glass made jewelry store, also with enough lighting for all the display area. It still looks very nice finish after 6 years, our team visited it last year.

    Please check the layout below, with many wall bay and glass counter to display jewelry, size is around 60 sq. meter. The full shop is $23,000 USD.

    International Delivery
    By sea
    Jewelry shop is with many glass & led acrylics, it is suggested to load by full container which is the safest international delivery method. What’ s more, packages are not stacked for safety reason and stand upright. It means it need 40GP or 40 HQ container for glass wall cabinets height over 2.2m.

    Delivery Cost is
    around $2000 of 20ft (around 20 CBM packages MAX),
    around $3000 USD (around 60 CBM package MAX),
    from factory to European & American main ports, if not main port, cost will be more expensive, especially inland port. It takes around 1 month.
    For countries nearby, costs are much cheaper, like around $1000 to Japan. It takes around 1 week.
    For countries to African, costs are much expensive, like factory to Nigeria main port, around $4000, and nearly same cost from the Nigeria port to clients’ shop. It takes around 2 months.

    If total volume is from 2 CBM to 7 CBM and goods is not fragile (no glass/ acrylic), it is suggested FCL sea transportation, which means share a container with other people. It can save cost much. FCL freight costs are mainly paid at destination port, so M2 will quote as 2 parts, please contact our sales for details.

    By air
    When goods are needed urgently, some clients choose by air. It takes around 3 ~ 7 days.
    There are airport service and door to door service, cost is calculated by actual weight or volume weight, normally air freight is around the goods cost to EU & America countries, nearly half to Asia countries.

    Our cabinets are nearly all assembled in factory, except the inevitable installation on site. So if your shopping mall allowed, normally they can be installed by your own people in one night.
    If you need to hire installation team, it is around $5,000 USD for our cabinets installation only.

    Let’s make a summary, it takes around 2 months & around $20,000 USD to build a small Jewelry shop, and $30,000 for a medium to big store.

    How much to build a Jewellery Pop-up store/ mall kiosk from China?

    With the Jewelry store build budget, it is will be much easy to explain the mall kiosk budget.

    Jewelry Pop-up store/ mall Kiosk design can be cheaper, from $300 ~ $500 by M2 Retail designer. It takes around 1 week for initial design.
    If you need brand it by very professional designer, we have cooperated designer friend, cost is $3,000 ~ $5,000.

    Jewelry Kiosk sizes are normally from 4 ~ 15 sq. meters. So cost is normally around $6,000 ~ $15,000 USD made by fire rated wood structure with paint/ wood veneer/ laminate finish + some lighting.
    If with large scale materials like stainless steel, corian (solid surface), or acrylic, costs will be 1.5~2 times expensive.
    If add a ceiling + signage & lighting, cost will be around $1,500 added.
    If add a wood floor with stainless steel ramp or lighting, cost will be around $10,000 added.

    For example, below is a gold stainless steel & wood veneer made jewelry mall kiosk with LED lighting, sizes are 3x1.8m, cost is $6500 USD.

    International Delivery
    Normally 1 ~ 2 sets of kiosks can fit a 20GP container. So cost is around $2,000 USD. Check jewelry store delivery budget details.
    So, we always suggest clients to order 2 ~ 5 sets of kiosks, not only to get better build offer, but also save international freight.

    Usually kiosk is around 10 sets of packages, you can choose to install by your staff if mall allow it. If you need to hire installation team, cost is around $4,000 USD and can complete in one night.

    it takes around 2 months & around $12,500 USD to build a normal Jewelry pop-up store/ mall kiosk, and $20,000 for a luxury or big jewelry kiosk.
    Please contact us if you are still confused, just give us your shop address, our sales will offer you the best solution.