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RMLA Make Up Store Design - M2 Retail

RMLA Make Up Store Design

As a beauty transformation destination where artists lovingly connect with women and where beauty is deciphered to help women find the best version of themselves, RMLA is a not just a store with products galore, it's a journey where creativity thrives and boldness is embraced. From hair to makeup and everything in between, RMLA brings the latest trends to the modern woman at the most affordable prices.And its unique design is also a sign of their rise.

Today let me show you one of their kiosk design.

  • Brand: RMLA
  • Product: Beauty products
  • Size: 5.7x3.7m
  • Logo: LED Acrylic lighted logo
  • Main Materials: fire rated plywood in PE Paint, Corian, tempered glass, Acrylic, cushion, LED, etc.

This design is based on black and white.

They are not good at using light to display items. Because they use a black tone, the product will be highlighted.

Their signature black poster is also one of the characteristics.

Of course, there is our professional 3D design technology, you can see the comparison between 3D and on-site effects, it is perfect!

If you are interested in it,please contact me at any time.

Contact Information

  • Name: Peter
  • WhatsApp & Phone: 008618126054993
  • Email:
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