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B+Tube flagship store by Storeage - M2 Retail

B+Tube flagship store by Storeage



Storeage – a Dutch retail design agency based in Shanghai – collaborated with skincare and cosmetics company B+Tube to create the brand’s first flagship. Let trending content on TikTok and Instagram show you: beauty is big with teenage consumers. This digital-savvy group is precisely the target audience of B+Tube’s Changsha flagship. Storeage devised the shopping experience to work in line with the buying behavior of Zoomers: the 218-sq-m interior provides ample room for teens to create social media as they shop, something which helps facilitate online to offline consumption, the designers explain. Iridescent perforated steel, used to build a central cathedral-like structure, is the star material of the Insta-friendly space. Covered in steel and white Corian, the auxiliary sections are organized around the three basics of cosmetics: ‘cleansing, foundation and make-up’. Each area hosts an education centre for customers to learn and experiment with the products through tutorials and videos. ‘We want to encourage a younger Chinese generation to express themselves in whatever shape or colour they prefer,’ says B+Tube founder and CEO Lisa Yu, ‘yet never at the expense of healthy skin.’


Designed by Storeage

Photography by Wen Studio





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